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Coach hire to London? You need to know the coach parking map (online)

Coach hire to London can be a very cost effective travel solution. You don't need to drive. What you need to do is fasten your seat belt and relax. The rest will be taken care of by the driver.

Most importantly, parking in London is said to be not friendly. They can be very confusing and sometimes exhaustive because of the limited parking space in the central area. Travelling to London with a coach can save tens of parking spaces. Instead of parking individual cars at different parking locations, your group will only need to care about one parking space for the coach.

The drivers sometimes are aware of where to park thanks to previous experience. In some cases, they need a bit of help and guidance. Here are some quick take aways for coach driver.

Yellow and red routes

Yellow routes

According to Transport for London (TfL), "set down and pick up are permitted on double and single yellow lines - however, activity must be taking place. Some London boroughs allow an observation time - however, this does not apply when loading restrictions are in force."

Check signs around you before using bus stops to pick up and set down as most are restricted to 'local' or 'LT/TfL' buses and parking and waiting is not permitted at any time.

Red routes

Double red lines means you cannot stop at any time.

Single red lines means no stopping during restricted hours and please check sign nearby.

Vehicles registered as a bus can use red route bus stops to set down or pick up. They must not park or wait, and activity must be taking place.

Coach parking map in London

The online version of the coach parking map in London is updated on a real time basis. This is a helpful tool for coach drivers in identifying spaces or areas that they can park.

They can be viewed by visiting this TfL site and a visualisation can be seen below.

coach hire to London - coach parking map

Coach hire to London for your group will not be confusing any more if you plan well in advance on the routes and places to visit. Parking your coach could be planned beforehand too. We find this is one of the most common ways to solve the parking problem of your vehicle of 'XL' size like this.

Enjoy your coach hire to London and explore this great city!